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IK Designs Diamond Chair
Meet Dr. Ibrahim Karim the Founder of BioGeometry at Le Marché
Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dr. Ibrahim Karim is an Egyptian Architect and Scientist. He is the founder, president and CEO of BioGeometry. BioGeometry is the design language of shape that balances energy fields.

Vitality, emotional and mental activities are energy that can be balanced geometrical.

BioGeometry is the way of reading the energy workings in all fields.

All around us are Electromagnetic energy, environmental problems, inner personality conflicts, and earth radiation that causes insomnia, cancer and immune problems. Through BioGeometry bad radiation could be changed into good one.

There are many products; chairs, necklaces, swimming pool, bed, and many other stuff that spreads positive energy. One of the upcoming product design will be ISIS water bottle.

‘’The message of BioGeometry is to play a role in technology and to improve the place we live in. Shapes can balance energy fields. ’’ said Dr. Ibrahim Karim

Don’t Miss Eng. Amr Helmy Seminar Today at 5:30PM and Designer Karim Rashid Seminar at 6:30PM