Misr El Kheir I Iftar Sa'em Campaign 2021

This ad featuring Misr El Kheir’s Ramadan boxes takes the viewer on a journey of good-old-Ramadan food nostalgia all while explaining how you can give back this blessed Ramadan season. By donating to feed less fortunate families through Misr El Kheir’s Ramadan food boxes, the simple orzo pasta turns into a casserole for the whole family, the homely semolina becomes syrupy delicious basbousa for post-iftar tea, and crisp apples make the perfect accompaniment for late-night sohour. The ad encourages watchers to donate zakat during the month to Misr El Kheir’s “Iftar Sa’em” program to help them bring these meals to life for people across the country — because a box of goods can do a world of good.

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