Obelisque Design Award I What Is Obelisque? I 2021

In this fittingly stunning ad, viewers are introduced to the prestigious Obelisque Design Award, a competition that aims to celebrate the emerging, brilliant minds of the design world. Taking place in the birthplace of the ancient obelisk, this competition was created and organized by Le Marche, AAPIC, Art D'Egypte and Esorus and will be overseen by a panel of distinguished jury members. As an inspiring voiceover extols the virtues and boundlessness of human ability, the ad takes viewers through a sequence of magnificent structures and art, not forgetting, of course, the dedicated architects, designers, and artists behind them. The competition will hand out five awards in furniture, accessories, lighting, textiles, and material, in addition to one grand prize, to the most deserving talents in the world.

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