Ahl Masr Foundation I Stand By Them Till The End I 2022

This thought-provoking ad by Ahl Masr Foundation opens with a devastating building fire. Victims are rushed to an ambulance, while onlookers fret over their fate. During emergencies, the narrator tells us, help can be found in abundance. It’s when everyone leaves that the survivor has to face everything alone, including costly medical bills. But what if that weren’t the case? Viewers are then shown what would happen if people stood by survivors all the way and provided them with the help they need: essential surgeries, physiotherapy, and overall care would become available, allowing survivors to get their lives back once again. The narrator implores viewers to stand by survivors till the very end by donating to the Ahl Masr Foundation, through which hundreds of thousands of burn survivors can receive the help and care they need.

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