El-Demerdash Hospital I Help Save a Life 2021

In this tear-jerking ad, soon-to-be-father Hossam excitedly rushes down a hospital corridor, a bunch of blue and white balloons trailing behind him. He enters a cheerfully decorated maternity ward to find his smiling wife about to go into labor. Hossam had prepared for this moment: from selecting a beautiful name to furnishing a new baby nursery, Hossam and his wife were looking forward to the magical moment when they would welcome their new baby boy. In a dramatic turn of events, Hossam’s wife faces complications induced by a premature birth. A distressed Hossam and his wife face the unknown as their child is rushed to the operating room for immediate intervention. The narrator, voiced by Lebanese actress Nour, informs us that over 500,000 babies in Egypt are born prematurely and require incubators, ventilators, and surgical interventions to prevent any possibility of physical or mental disability. The ad ends on an uplifting note: the baby has been saved thanks to El-Demerdash Hospital’s exceptional care and equipment. Nour implores viewers to help equip the hospital with more incubators and equipment through donations to help save even more premature babies. “It’s a matter of life or death,” she reminds us.

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