Magdi Yacoub “Donate a Brick” campaign 2021

Time erases everything except love, care, and compassion in this inspirational ad by Magdi Yacoub for their “Donate a Brick” campaign. The ad is composed of a series of rapidly interwoven scenes, each shot featuring a meaningful name in Arabic—painted in vibrant graffiti on a wall, printed on the side of a soda can, roughly etched on a corner of a school desk. But as life goes on, the names, and their profound meanings, are erased, reminding us of life’s ephemeral nature. It’s true that nothing lasts forever, but with Magdi Yacoub’s “Donate a Brick” campaign, your name can live on eternally as part of the new Magdi Yacoub Hospital in Cairo. You can get your name, or the names of your loved ones, etched on a brick that will lay the foundation for this life-changing hospital.

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