MG HS I Everything and Nothing Like an SUV I 2022

In this hilarious ad from MG Motor Egypt, a man hands his elegantly-dressed mother and her friend the keys to her new MG HS SUV. The mother, her friend, and a young lady with a dog in the backseat drive off jubilantly. A nearby neighbor asks the son about his mother’s new MG. As the son rattles off the car’s impressive features, the mother and her friend admire the car’s interior. They come across a mysterious button labeled “Super Sport.” Thinking it might switch on the radio, the mother pushes the button. The car revs up and shoots forward. The three women and little dog hold on for dear life as the car bolts down the streets at supersonic speed. The scene then hilariously cuts back to the son, who’s still listing the car’s many features to his neighbor as he waters and prunes the bushes in his garden. The scene circles back to the car, which is still driving at lightning speed. The ad ends with the car bursting through the car’s motto: “Everything and nothing like an SUV.”

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