National Bank of Egypt I Summer Campaign I 2022

In this delightfully quirky and funny ad from the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), a customer is checking into a quaint hotel when an ad from the bank plays on the lobby television. NBE is advertising a new promotion: Spend EGP 1,000 with your credit card to enter a draw for EGP 100,000! Everyone at the hotel, from the concierge to a nearby handyman, perk up with interest. The customer’s eyes comically widen as he asks the front desk what this means. “It means that anything with the number 1,000 can change to 100,000!” a concierge declares. What ensues is a hilarious sequence in which the various employees and customers at the hotel play on common Egyptian sayings with the number 1,000 in them (“So, you mean instead of wishing someone 1,000 speedy recoveries, I’ll need to wish them 100,000 speedy recoveries instead?”) The ad ends with the excited customer swiping his credit card for an EGP 1,000 transaction in the hopes of winning NBE’s grand prize!

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