NBE | Cybersecurity - Living Room | Ramadan 2023

Concluding the humorous NBE cybersecurity ad trilogy, this part highlights one of the most common phishing techniques people fall prey to. Featuring an elderly couple sitting peacefully in their living room late at night, knitting and reading, when all of a sudden, the grandfather’s phone continuously buzzes with sketchy texts from hackers. It falls off his side table and slides across the floor on its own, urging him to get up and press the link following what he believes is a banking app update. He eventually picks up the phone, but upon pouncing his finger to click, he gets pulled up into the ceiling, falling prey to the hacker. The ad concludes with a warning: “Don’t be an easy prey! When you give up your info, you give up your money.” Instructing the audience to update their banking application from reliable sources and not from random links.

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