Orange I AFCON "Fattouh" I 2022

When it comes to football, Egyptians will do whatever it takes to make sure their team wins. Whatever it takes. In another witty ad by telecommunications company Orange, Egyptian football player Ahmed Fattouh is seated at a restaurant with friends when a waiter comes over with their order of fries. Upon recognizing the famous footballer, the waiter sends the fries back to the kitchen and orders another waiter to bring out a plate of sauteed vegetables instead. A stunned Fattouh asks him to bring back the fries, but the waiter is adamant: the Egyptian football team need to secure their 8th African Cup of Nations win, which means they need to stick to healthy food only. As Fattouh continues to protest, a woman seated with her daughter at the table behind him encourages him to eat the veggies as well, so the team can win the cup. The ad draws to an end as the waiters continue to ignore Fattouh’s calls. “Anything for the 8th! Bring it home!” Orange, the official sponsor of AFCON, reminds us at the end of the ad.

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