Orange I AFCON "Hegazy" I 2022

The Africa Cup of Nations is on the line, and every single Egyptian wants to guarantee Egypt’s 8th win—no matter what it takes. In this hilarious ad by telecommunications company Orange, Egyptian football player Ahmed Hegazy is greeted enthusiastically by the ticket inspector at the cinema before being told, in a regrettable tone, that he cannot let him in to see the movie because it’s late at night. A bewildered Hegazy argues that it’s still early, to which the ticket inspector counters that he would have let him in if he had come to an earlier screening, but there are a lot of important matches coming up, and he should go to bed early. The ticket inspector is backed up by another moviegoer waiting in the queue, who reminds him that the football team needs to win the cup. A stunned, but defeated, Hegazy turns to leave. As Orange, the official sponsor of AFCON, reminds us at the end of the ad: “Anything for the 8th! Bring it home!"

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