ValU I Buy Anything & Everything I 2022

In this hilarious ad from ValU, Egypt’s leading “Buy now, pay later” solution, beloved Egyptian rapper Wegz argues with several different versions of himself, dressed in an array of creative costumes, about why he thinks installment plans are a bad idea. The characters around him, each more outlandish than the next, proceed to list the things that they bought using installment plans: a blazer, dentures, a pair of skates, a mattress, a blender, a set of tools, electronics, a hunting rifle, a tennis racket, among many other items. A frustrated Wegz exclaims that he still prefers cash over installment plans. He accuses them all of being in an “installment cult,” just as a motorcycle smashes into the room. The composed motorcyclist claims that he paid for his motorcycle, jacket, helmet, and sunglasses all in cash. A vindicated Wegz exclaims, “See?!” But his face drops when he realizes that the motorcyclist is joking; he, too, had paid for everything using installment plans. “There are only two things you can’t buy with money,” one of the Wegz characters claims, “Happiness and love.” He pauses. “But you can pay them off in installments,” he chuckles as all the other characters burst into laughter. The ad ends with a reminder: There’s nothing ValU can’t buy!

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