Our Work

Hyde Park I A New Perspective I 2021
National Bank of Egypt I Autobank I 2021
El Demerdash Hospital Campaign 2021
National Bank of Egypt I Sports Sponsorships I 2021
Magdi Yacoub “Donate a Brick” campaign 2021
Magdi Yacoub Foundation A New Chance 2021
NBE The People’s Bank 2021
MG6 MG Is The Choice 2021
Misr El Kheir I Iftar Sa'em Campaign 2021
ValU One Purchase Leads To Another 2021
NBE - Men's Handball World Championship 2021
Magdi Yacoub Foundation’s Donation Drive
NBE Cash Away 2021
Magdi Yacoub Foundation – Tamer Hosny 2020
La Poire Bram Maamoul 2021
Dice Second Wife 2021
La Poire – Ramadan Tastes Better 2020
DICE – A Boxer To Be Proud Of 2020
MG5 Launch – October 2020
La Poire Multi-Kunafa 2021
Dice Switch To Dice 2021
La Poire Summer
Magdi Yacoub Foundation Ramadan 2020
La Poire Banoffee Bomb 2021
La Poire 2020 - Hag Metwally
DICE Ramadan 2020 – Sayes
DICE Ramadan 2020 – Airplane
NBE Ramadan 2019
Subaru XV
B-Tech LCDs
Taa Marbouta
You are the Solution
Tiger - Flip Pack
Tiger - Mother Russia
Etisalat - Cheer for Ghana
The revival of Schweppes
The Geniuses
Etisalat - Mohamed Ramadan
Magdi Yacoub Foundation
British Council - Learn from the source
Subaru XV - Brains and Brawn
Tiger - Out of Control 2020 Case Study
NBE - Not Your Usual Bank